Oceanus-logoIt has become an organization that generates information and strategies for the conservation of natural resources, promoting citizen participation between institutions and communities. The objectives are aimed at achieving sustainable development through the use of marine and coastal resources.


Develop techniques and actions required to contribute to the resilience and conservation of coastal and marine resources by means of monitoring, evaluation and restoration of key species for the functioning of ecosystems.


A world where natural resources are exploited evenly; where natural areas and their beauty are appreciated and valued due to the participation and the actions of conservation of its inhabitants. To fulfill its mission, Oceanus has proposed goals that require constant work in different areas of biology and work with the society.


To fullfill established goals , the main objectives of the association are :

  • Promote the conservation of marine ecosystems
  • Promote the importance of protected natural areas
  • Manage projects with relevant institutions to generate knowledge about natural resources and promote continuing education for society
  • Provide training for users and managers
  • Collaborate with the management of protected areas
  • Advise on the instruction and training of human resources
  • Promote environmental education in different sectors of the society
  • Restoration projects develop coastal ecosystems



1. Conservation actions of marine and coastal ecosystems ( coral reefs , seagrass beds , mangroves , coastal lagoons ) through the creation of information and monitoring.

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3. Ecotourism, for the use of resources and participation of tourists who make use of them.

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2. Environmental education and marine resources training tools for the conservation of the society

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4. Others forms of cooperation

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Progress of the program

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Colonies Transplanted




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Last update: Oct 24, 2017


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For the realization, advice and support of projects, Oceanus comprises a group of professionals and partners prepared in different branches of biology, as well as in other related branches that provide technical and pedagogical skills to carry out conservation activities.